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Jessica Walters

Walking Boosts Brainpower + 4 Other Reasons To Exercise Every Day

As a NASM-certified personal trainer, I've heard every client excuse under the sun. (And as a life-long exerciser, I've used over half of them...

Jessica Walters
April 3 2015

It's OK, My Doctor Prescribed It: 5 Drugs That Used To Be Legal

Five big reasons why it might be best to err on the side of prescription-pill caution.

Jessica Walters
August 12 2013

Why You Should Get Active Even When You're Depressed

Exercise helps alleviate depression. As Dr. Lynette Craft and Dr. Frank Perna explain in their 2004 research review, “While the mechanisms underlying...

Jessica Walters
March 22 2013

Can Saying A Prayer Really Heal You?

Those who practice spirituality know that saying a prayer can ease your heart and mind. But can praying actually heal your body? Growing research...

Jessica Walters
March 1 2013

Why Mind-Body Medicine Is Not Just For Crazy Hippies

The first thing I need to say is: I love hippies. My only celebrity role model is John Lennon, I make serious life decisions based on vibes and...

Jessica Walters
January 30 2013