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Jessica Sepel

Natural Ways To Reduce Reflux

Gastro-esophageal reflux — informally known as reflux, heart burn or acid indigestion — occurs when gastric acid, duodenal bile and enzymes reflux...

Jessica Sepel
June 11 2013

Here's How A Nutritionist Eats

Ever wonder what the food philosophy of a nutritionist is? Whatever works!

Jessica Sepel
June 4 2013

17 Simple Tips To Detoxify Your Life

Your environment is one of the greatest factors in shaping the health of your hormones and thus your overall health. Sadly, our environment is loaded...

Jessica Sepel
May 22 2013

19 Natural Mood Boosters

Unfortunately we're living in an epidemic of depression and various mood disorders. Too many of us are wake up tired, moody and feeling low about...

Jessica Sepel
May 20 2013

11 Easy Ways To Slow Down & Find Balance

I get upset when I catch myself rushing through life. Can you relate? Do you sit on the toilet and read your emails? If so, you, too, have rushing...

Jessica Sepel
May 9 2013

14 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

There is a way to live without worrying about your weight and watching everything that enters your mouth.

Jessica Sepel
May 1 2013

21 Foods To Keep At Home If You're Trying To Eat Clean

I say it over and over: preparation is the key to health living. Pick a day of the week and dedicate a few hours to stocking up your fridge and...

Jessica Sepel
April 25 2013

11 Steps To Rebuild Your Relationship With Food

I spent most of my teenage life feeling very out of control with my food and weight. My body never responded the way I wanted it to. I was a fad...

Jessica Sepel
March 28 2013

9 Diet Changes To Help Conquer PMS

Premenstrual syndrome, known more commonly as PMS, can be used to describe a broad range of symptoms related to the menstrual cycle. These symptoms...

Jessica Sepel
March 11 2013

13 Easy Ways To Get Your Best Body

The time for making official New Year's resolutions may have passed, but it's never too late to reshape and revitalize your lifestyle. Below are 13 of...

Jessica Sepel
February 20 2013

5 Weight Loss Myths

So many confusing health messages are making us fatter and sicker! My weight shifted when I learned the truth about how my metabolism works.

Jessica Sepel
October 18 2012

24 Simple Swaps You Can Make to Live Healthier

We are bombarded daily with information on how to live a healthy life - it can end up being rather overwhelming, confusing and almost demotivating....

Jessica Sepel
September 27 2012

Rest: The Importance of Slowing Down

It seems we live in a society where we are expected to just go go go. Rest is considered indulgent, and most people I meet these days feel guilty at...

Jessica Sepel
September 18 2012

The Power of Vision Boards

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that manifests your dreams into reality by activating the Law of Attraction... And it...

Jessica Sepel
August 16 2012

10 Superfoods for More Energy

Homeostasis is another word for body balance. It is the state that your body seeks to achieve at every moment of every day. When your body is out of...

Jessica Sepel
August 10 2012

Never Underestimate the Importance of Sleep!

The first thing I ask my friends, family and clients is, “how many hours of sleep do you get at night?”

Jessica Sepel
August 6 2012