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Jessica Sepel

The Three 10-Minute Dinners A Nutritionist Makes On Repeat

Packed with protein and vegetables, you'll want to add these to your regular rotation.

Jessica Sepel
September 18 2018

Add THIS To Your Bucket List: The Best Healthy Hot Spots In Cape Town

Here's the best place to refuel and get you wellness on in Cape Town.

Jessica Sepel
January 27 2017

Your Map To The Best Healthy Hot Spots In Sydney

Jessica Sepel's favorite healthy and vibrant hot spots in Sydney.

Jessica Sepel
November 25 2016

How Overexercising Could Be Sabotaging Your Health Goals

This seemingly healthy practice could cause your body to hold on to extra pounds.

Jessica Sepel
September 16 2016

This Lifestyle Factor Could Be Keeping You From Your Happy Weight

Another really good reason to stop dieting for good.

Jessica Sepel
September 14 2016

5 Simple Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Sugar In Your Life

When I began to read and understand food labels, one of the things I was shocked to learn was how much sugar and additives are included in something...

Jessica Sepel
July 9 2015

Why You're Not Hitting Your Goal Weight + What To Do Instead

Why, when we think we’re doing everything right, can we still not lose those last lingering pounds?

Jessica Sepel
July 7 2015

Get Glowing! 3 Musts For Healthy Skin (No Products Required)

Your skin really is an expression of what’s happening inside your body, so it’s no surprise that what you put in it will be reflected on the outside....

Jessica Sepel
July 5 2015

6 Simple Tricks I Use To Eat Healthy All Week

I knew life would change when I recently moved in with my fiancé — but I had no idea just how much I'd learn! We love having our own home, and it’s...

Jessica Sepel
May 25 2015

Feeling Sluggish? It Might Be Time For A Detox

If you're dealing with bothersome symptoms, it might be time for a detox.

Jessica Sepel
March 21 2014

7 Natural Ways To Beat A Hangover

As a nutritionist, drinking alcohol is definitely not something I recommend. There's no doubt that alcohol is not loved by the human body. Having said...

Jessica Sepel
December 14 2013

How To Eat Healthy When You're Eating Out

If you aim to eat healthy, the idea of going out to eat can be a nightmare. But you don’t want to give up your social life and make yourself an...

Jessica Sepel
August 7 2013

15 Foods A Nutritionist Refuses To Eat

Sometimes compromising is necessary when it comes to food choices.

Jessica Sepel
July 24 2013