10 Articles by Jennifer White

Jennifer White

7 Strategies I'm Using To Become Less Selfish & More Selfless

3. I'm remembering that everyone is going through something.

Jennifer White
October 23 2012

5 Ways To Heal Your Knee Chakras

The human body actually has hundreds of chakras, and the knees are one of them.

Jennifer White
September 12 2012

5 Reasons to Take Your Dad to Yoga Class

Today’s men can still get so much out of yoga—if they only give it a chance.

Jennifer White
June 14 2012

Got Aches & Pains? 6 Ways to Relieve Tight Shoulder & Neck Muscles

Shoulder and neck muscles are often the first casualties of stress and tension.

Jennifer White
April 16 2012

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

Bonus: They're actually pretty fun.

Jennifer White
April 14 2012

How Yoga Changed My Life & Helped Me Give Birth Naturally

It wasn't until I commited to my yoga practice that I experienced something for the first time in a long time—hope.

Jennifer White
March 29 2012