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Jennifer White

6 Quick Yoga Moves For Neck Pain & TMJ Relief

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly known as TMJ, then you know as well as I do how painful and frustrating it can be.

Jennifer White
February 24 2015

7 Ways to Be Less Selfish

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly selfish person. I think it’s unfortunately easy to be this way. Our society promotes individuality (which...

Jennifer White
October 23 2012

7 Ways to Celebrate Fall

In honor of fall equinox, here are seven ways to celebrate the beginning of a fresh, new season.

Jennifer White
September 24 2012

5 Ways To Heal Your Knee Chakras

The human body actually has hundreds of chakras, and the knees are one of them.

Jennifer White
September 12 2012

5 Reasons to Be Honest in Love

Love requires full participation—including some occasionally uncomfortable confrontations.

Jennifer White
August 12 2012

5 Ways to Balance Your Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is complex, since it’s your connection to the spiritual world around you—as well as to your innermost self. As a yogi, I like that...

Jennifer White
July 17 2012

5 Reasons to Take Your Dad to Yoga Class

Today’s men can still get so much out of yoga—if they only give it a chance.

Jennifer White
June 14 2012

All-Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Recipe

Taking care of your sticky mat is just good hygiene no matter how you practice your asanas.

Jennifer White
June 11 2012

8 Ways to Say 'I Love You' Without Words

Many of us are not “word” people, and learning how the people in your life express love—and hope to have it returned—is hugely important.

Jennifer White
May 30 2012

10 Ways to Stay Afloat During Grief

It’s easy to be optimistic and light-hearted until you’re hit with something really devastating.

Jennifer White
May 20 2012

5 Reasons to Be a Mom

Sometimes, being a mom makes me want to tear my hair out, but—and a big but—it’s worth it.

Jennifer White
May 12 2012