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Jennifer Warden

The Healing Side of Television

Television gets a bad rap these days, and in many respects it should. We are bombarded with not-so-realistic reality shows and there seems to be a...

Jennifer Warden
August 15 2012

Don't Let Fear Derail Follow-Up

For anyone who is a cancer survivor or has had any kind of medical crisis, once the crisis has passed, it’s so easy to not want to go “back there.”

Jennifer Warden
August 1 2012

It's Okay to Feel Lousy

I’m in a very good place these days. This was not always the case as I have had some serious hardships to contend with; losing a sibling to Leukemia,...

Jennifer Warden
July 10 2012

5 Tools for Drinking Less (Or Quitting Altogether)

As I share with folks that I have recently stopped drinking, many have expressed a desire to either reduce their consumption or quit altogether,...

Jennifer Warden
June 28 2012

5 Tips to Beat Stress When You're Overwhelmed

I admit it. I am not adept at multi-tasking. My brain just doesn’t work that way...at all. As such in this fast, modern existence it is easy for me...

Jennifer Warden
June 21 2012

The Internal Dialogue of the Drinker

I recently stopped drinking, which will come as a shock to those who know me. My love for wine runs deep; so deep that I am certified by the Wine and...

Jennifer Warden
June 7 2012

4 Steps to Becoming a Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire

A cancer diagnosis can certainly be bewildering, but when the routine of treatments and doctors visits ends, it can be equally as befuddling. It’s...

Jennifer Warden
May 22 2012