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Jennifer Pastiloff

Why I'm Opening Up About Struggling With Depression While Pregnant

To be human, I do believe we have to be willing to be vulnerable and share our stories.

Jennifer Pastiloff
January 22 2016

I'm Not Always The Person Others Expect Me To Be + Why I'm OK With That

I was recently interviewed by a beloved yoga teacher for a big yoga book/project. As he turned the tape recorder on and asked me the first question,...

Jennifer Pastiloff
February 19 2014

You Can't Be Everything To Everyone (So Stop Trying)

The other day I received two angry emails from people who’d submitted to my site, but hadn’t gotten published on it. I’d apparently also let someone...

Jennifer Pastiloff
January 21 2014

Can You Manifest The Bad Without Meaning To?

Here's an letter I just received from someone after my Seattle Manifestation Yoga® workshop.

Jennifer Pastiloff
April 18 2013

There Is Nothing Missing: The Epiphany That Helps Me Cope With Depression

I feel like I'm about to write copy for an antidepressant commercial. Are you depressed? Trouble sleeping? Find you can’t focus? Find you’re feeling...

Jennifer Pastiloff
March 27 2013

Ever Feel Like Running Away From Your Life?

As in: feeling like if you moved away life would be somehow better?

Jennifer Pastiloff
February 27 2013

7 Ways A Yoga Retreat Can Change Your Life

You may ask, "Why would I want to go on a retreat rather than just simply a vacation?"

Jennifer Pastiloff
January 16 2013

I Was Accused of a Sexorcism

That’s right, you read it right.

Jennifer Pastiloff
December 13 2012

5 Things Nobody Wants to Hear

How do I know these things are the things nobody wants to hear? Because I was the one saying them over and over until I was blue in the face, until...

Jennifer Pastiloff
September 25 2012

4 Things I Learned from a 2-Year-Old

I am writing this high above the clouds. I am sitting in a small plane with nothing much to do except reflect on the place I am leaving. That place is...

Jennifer Pastiloff
September 19 2012

4 Ways You Can Serve Others

The question that actually saves us from feeling lost and which also moves us forward in life.

Jennifer Pastiloff
August 26 2012