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Jan Ellison

The ONE Thing You Need To Do On Sunday For A Stress-Free Week

Nothing eats away at well-being more than worry. Sometimes we have good reason to worry; other times we don't. Either way, this weekly ritual can help...

Jan Ellison
September 13 2015

It Worked For Me: I Lost Weight By Giving Up Carbs

Since I was 15 years old, I've stepped on the scale every morning and vowed to lose five or 10 pounds. After the births of each of my four children,...

Jan Ellison
July 9 2015

Why You Should Have Family Dinner (Even If It Feels Like A Battle)

On a good night, our dinner table conversation might range from the science of hair follicles, to the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, to the...

Jan Ellison
May 18 2015