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Jamie Silverstein

How The Holidays Are Ruining Yoga

Every year, the holidays piss me off.

Jamie Silverstein
December 15 2014

What Is Healthy Body Image + How To Live It

I was having a tea with a dear friend recently and we found ourselves on the subject of "good" body image. Both my friend and I have struggled with...

Jamie Silverstein
August 29 2013

Confessions Of An Insecure Olympian

There’s a story about two young fish swimming. They see an older fish who stops and asks: “Hey boys! How’s the water?”

Jamie Silverstein
May 17 2013

On Days When I Judge Myself Harshly, I Do This...

My mind gets attached to old stories. My mind remembers things it's been told about me. My mind falls into the familiar grooves of old beliefs that it...

Jamie Silverstein
May 9 2013

5 Things I've Learned By Stopping The Diet

Every so often, I awaken upset, look in the mirror, and decide that I need to diet, stop eating gluten, juice, or lose weight.

Jamie Silverstein
April 15 2013

You Are NOT What You Eat!

I often come across misinformation about dieting and disordered eating. Cherry-picked data is everywhere, as are stereotypes and assumptions. 

Jamie Silverstein
March 28 2013

No, You Don't Feel Fat. But, You DO Feel!

In college, I studied emotion—anger, sadness, happiness, disgust and the like. I did not study a feeling called fat, because fat is not an emotion.

Jamie Silverstein
March 22 2013

What Exactly Is "Healthy" Eating, Anyway?

There are so many ways we judge ourselves nowadays, and eating patterns often top the judgement list. "I am so bad for having this..." "I'm being good...

Jamie Silverstein
March 15 2013