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Jamie Silverstein

How The Holidays Are Ruining Yoga

Every year, the holidays piss me off.

Jamie Silverstein
December 15 2014

Confessions Of An Insecure Olympian

There’s a story about two young fish swimming. They see an older fish who stops and asks: “Hey boys! How’s the water?”

Jamie Silverstein
May 17 2013

On Days When I Judge Myself Harshly, I Do This...

My mind gets attached to old stories. My mind remembers things it's been told about me. My mind falls into the familiar grooves of old beliefs that it...

Jamie Silverstein
May 9 2013

5 Things I've Learned By Stopping The Diet

Every so often, I awaken upset, look in the mirror, and decide that I need to diet, stop eating gluten, juice, or lose weight.

Jamie Silverstein
April 15 2013