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Jamie Perry

4 Questions To Help You Heal From Heartbreak

In 2007, I walked away from my hometown with a diploma in hand, ready to face the world, vowing, swearing, and crossing my heart that I would NEVER,...

Jamie Perry
January 15 2014

How I Cope With Grief During The Holidays

I feel like I can divide my Christmases into two categories: 1. Christmas before Josh died, and 2. Christmas after Josh died. Josh was ... is ... my...

Jamie Perry
December 21 2013

I'm Bigger Than Everyone In Yoga, And I'm The Teacher

A few months ago, I had to attend an event that required me to trade in my daily attire of my beloved, stretchy, comfy yoga pants, for a pair of...

Jamie Perry
November 19 2013

Why I Was Wrong For Judging CrossFit

OK, I confess. For three years, I committed to hating CrossFit. I snubbed the ideology behind it, turned up my nose at the premise of “as fast and...

Jamie Perry
August 30 2013