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Jamie Greenwood

3 Ordinary Activities That Can Help You Connect To Your Highest Truth

I’ve always been a seeker — someone eager to understand life, my experience, other people’s experiences and the relationships between them all.

Jamie Greenwood
October 11 2015

Why "Keeping The Peace" For 8 Years Destroyed My Marriage

We think that if we keep the peace, we'll keep our relationships intact

Jamie Greenwood
April 12 2015

What To Do When Yoga & Meditation Don't Work

We’ve all been there, right? Smack in the middle of yoga class, doing your best version of a downward dog, when a stream of stress floods your brain:

Jamie Greenwood
October 2 2013

5 "Bad" Foods That Are Actually Great For You

Feeding yourself broken foods and thoughts and thinking they'll make you whole is like smashing a vase, and expecting to put it back together again...

Jamie Greenwood
September 24 2013

Do You Ever Eat Out Of Guilt?

I have a theory that as a woman, we each have a gaggle of gals in our brain. Some are incredibly helpful. They keep you organized, tell you to eat...

Jamie Greenwood
May 13 2013

Learning To Cook For One

Five months ago, my husband and I separated and, after nine years, I’ve suddenly found myself alone in the kitchen, struggling to do more than open a...

Jamie Greenwood
February 14 2013

20 Items You Need On Your Grocery List

New Year’s resolutions, declarations, intentions, whatever you want to call them, can be incredibly intimate, especially when it comes to your food.

Jamie Greenwood
January 17 2013

5 Tips to Savor the Holidays While Saving your Waistline & Sanity

With loads of decadent desserts, wine and luscious leftovers at the ready, it can seem darn near impossible to maintain good eating habits during the...

Jamie Greenwood
December 13 2012

How to Be The Mama You Need

First, a definition. Mama: a loving, protective, enveloping presence that instills warmth, strength and belonging. By this definition, each of us, man...

Jamie Greenwood
October 22 2012

How to Transform Your Body Into Your Biggest Asset

Unless you are a model, personal trainer or adult film star, it can feel awkward to consider your body your biggest asset. It feels shallow to praise...

Jamie Greenwood
October 16 2012

5 Must-Eat Cleansing Foods for Fall

I know it's trite but I'm going to say it anyway. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the smell in the air, seeing the leaves change and eating...

Jamie Greenwood
October 8 2012

4 Steps to Being Calm When You're Overwhelmed

It must be noted that in the middle of writing this glorious post about overwhelm and calm, my server ironically shut off. A good chunk of the...

Jamie Greenwood
September 6 2012

5 Secrets of Body-Loving Women

You’ve done the healthy diets, followed expert advice and are all about organics. And though you are a consummate kale consumer you still struggle...

Jamie Greenwood
August 15 2012