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Isabel Foxen Duke

5 Spiritual Lessons I Learned From Obsessing Over Food

For so long, I struggled with my relationship with food. I dieted, I starved myself, I worked out until I couldn’t work out anymore, and no matter...

Isabel Foxen Duke
February 23 2014

​3 Reasons Food Is Not "Just Fuel" (And You Are Not A Car)

Saying “food is just fuel” is like saying “sex is just reproduction—”

Isabel Foxen Duke
October 2 2013

Food Myths That Keep You Stuck In An Emotional Eating Loop

Emotional eating is getting some buzz in the health and wellness world, and for good reason. It's a serious physical and mental health problem that...

Isabel Foxen Duke
July 13 2013

5 Lessons About Food We All Should Teach Our Daughters

I don’t have a daughter yet, but I sure do have a mother; a mother who did the best she could to protect me and teach me how to succeed in my own...

Isabel Foxen Duke
July 2 2013

Are You Really Walking Your Talk?

I get it, you’re a health and nutrition expert. 

Isabel Foxen Duke
June 20 2013

I'd Rather Be Sane Than Thin

I compromised my sanity for the sake of thinness for a very long time.

Isabel Foxen Duke
May 8 2013

Why I Gave Up Trying To Eat Perfectly

When I was on the diet-binge roller coaster, I was always “on” or I was “off.” I was “good” or I was “bad.” “Black or white,” and never gray.

Isabel Foxen Duke
April 11 2013

Are You Exercising For The Right Reasons?

For those inclined toward punishing diet or exercise regimes (i.e. those who are usually in some dramatic conquest towards weight loss, or feeling...

Isabel Foxen Duke
March 30 2013

Bring The Intuition Back To Intuitive Eating

The classic definition of “Intuitive Eating” is “eat when hungry, stop when full, and eat what your body wants.” The general idea is to relinquish the...

Isabel Foxen Duke
March 18 2013

We Need To Relax Around Food

As most of us know, the reason traditional diets don’t work for any permanent amount of time is that they require effort, pushing, and resistance....

Isabel Foxen Duke
March 14 2013

How To Stop Eating Sh** At Work

There are five common reasons why we eat unnecessarily at the office. If you often fall into a pile of chips at about 3 o’clock on workdays, you...

Isabel Foxen Duke
February 19 2013

5 Ways Your Thinking Is Making You Fat

We think we can will ourselves into actions that will help us lose weight, but insidious thought patterns we’re unaware of dictate our actions at the...

Isabel Foxen Duke
February 12 2013

Why Splenda Can Go F*** Itself

We all know artificial sweeteners are BAD FOR YOU. This is not new. They’re composed of foreign, toxic chemicals, unknown to and undigestible by the...

Isabel Foxen Duke
January 25 2013

Why Gluten-Free Is Not A Diet

I help women who have struggled with their weight for longer than they care to remember, finally stop dieting, and start making peace with food and...

Isabel Foxen Duke
January 17 2013

Your Body Already Knows What To Eat

But sometimes it’s hard to hear its voice through all the diets, all the “good food/bad food” lists, and a constant barrage of “nutritional facts.”

Isabel Foxen Duke
January 14 2013

Why The Term "Eating Disorder" Can Be Toxic

The term “eating disorder” is a clinical termed used to diagnose those with obsessive and self-harming thoughts and behaviors around food. It’s...

Isabel Foxen Duke
January 8 2013

How To Stop Your Sugar Habit

Over and over again women tell me, “I just can’t control myself around sweets — seriously, handcuff me once the stuff passes through my lips.” But...

Isabel Foxen Duke
January 5 2013

Stop Saying “Healthy” When You Mean “Thin”

I hear girls (and creepy uncles, and overbearing mothers) saying things like “I’m just going to try to eat a little healthier” when they’re really...

Isabel Foxen Duke
December 21 2012

The Difference Between “Normal” & Emotional Eaters

First of all, there are many differences between “normal” and emotional eaters and the distinction can be very messy with lots of gray in between.

Isabel Foxen Duke
December 14 2012