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Holli Thompson

Sweet & Fresh: Honeydew-Mint Smoothie

My son loves honeydew with a passion, and last year we decided to plant some honeydew melons to satisfy his desire. We got many more than we bargained...

Holli Thompson
June 10 2014

The Kale Salad Recipe To End All Kale Salad Recipes

I say we make kale a classic. The tan trench coat of vegetables. The black pencil skirt of DLG's. (dark, leafy greens) The nude pump of stir-fry.

Holli Thompson
April 24 2014

St. Patty's Day Green Hummus Dip

My son’s school loves to throw parties for the kids, and to ask parents to bring holiday-themed snacks. As St. Patrick's Day rolled around this year,...

Holli Thompson
March 15 2014

Warming Winter Pear & Spice Smoothie

Even though it's cold outside, I still love to begin my day with a blended smoothie loaded with raw superfoods for a nutritious boost. I've discovered...

Holli Thompson
January 6 2014

Goji Berry, Kale & Quinoa Salad

I hosted a last minute lunch for friends over the weekend, and I wanted to serve a festive dish in keeping with the season. I reached for bright red...

Holli Thompson
December 20 2013

An Inflammation-Fighting Turmeric Smoothie

I was on an orange kick the other day, (isn't orange the new black?) and decided to use only orange ingredients for a new smoothie to feature on...

Holli Thompson
November 25 2013

A Mean Red Smoothie To Cure The Blues

When Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn's role in Breakfast at Tiffany's) got the blues, she called them the "mean reds." When I named this gorgeous red...

Holli Thompson
November 6 2013

7 Tips To Eat Out When You're Doing A Cleanse

You yearn to head out and enjoy a real meal, at a real restaurant.

Holli Thompson
October 29 2013

Raw Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie (Mmm Good!)

It's chilly outside, and I'm craving sweet spices and something creamy that's not pumpkin pie! It's time for a seasonal smoothie.

Holli Thompson
October 23 2013