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Heather Lynn Temple

What Your Relationship Failures Are Trying To Tell You

What if I told you that your relationships — even the failed ones (in fact, especially the failed ones) — were the gateway to self-awareness and...

Heather Lynn Temple
January 26 2016

The Sneaky Self-Talk That's Sabotaging Your Relationships (And How To Stop)

The thing I say to myself most — more than affirmations, more than inspirations, more than anything — is the word should. The almost inevitable result...

Heather Lynn Temple
December 23 2015

The Only 3 Prerequisites To Finding Real Love

I remember being in elementary school — fifth grade, maybe — and watching the "popular girls" work the crowd. They had so much power. The boys flirted...

Heather Lynn Temple
December 14 2015

The Behavior That Ruins Relationships Before They Even Start

Last night, I had dinner with a friend, and the subject of love came up, as it always does when we’re together. I got vulnerable with her and shared...

Heather Lynn Temple
November 6 2015

This One Mistake Might Be Keeping You From True Love

For the longest time, I believed what I'd been told: that drunk drivers, whose bodies are fluid and loose with alcohol, are more likely to remain...

Heather Lynn Temple
September 14 2015

Falling For Someone? Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Commit

There’s nothing like the rush of a new relationship. The butterflies. The lost sleep. The giddiness. The unknown.

Heather Lynn Temple
August 9 2015

How To Turn Dating From A Hassle Into A Positive Experience

There is an approach that can prevent you from becoming jaded about the admittedly exhausting journey of putting yourself out there. Ultimately,...

Heather Lynn Temple
July 16 2015

How To Attract Someone Who Actually Wants Intimacy

In my past, I attracted unavailable men like flies to honey. Over and over, I found myself dating men who either disappeared when the relationship...

Heather Lynn Temple
April 7 2015

What I've Learned About Love From Having Muscular Dystrophy

I have "lemon girdle." Or that's what the three-year-old me called it. I remember gazing at the lemons hanging on the tree in our backyard, imagining...

Heather Lynn Temple
March 19 2015

3 Non-Negotiable Truths You Must Believe Before You Can Fall In Love

If you ask anyone what they most want in life, most will say love, right? Yet, many people who ultimately want to be in a relationship aren't actually...

Heather Lynn Temple
February 26 2015

When Taking A Break From Dating Is A Good Thing (And When It's Not)

I'm just coming out of a deliberate dating-hiatus. I've spent the last two months not dating at all. On purpose. I've been licking some...

Heather Lynn Temple
January 31 2015

The #1 Reason To Stop Playing Games When It Comes To Dating

In 2012, I went on a dating frenzy. As a part of my New Year's resolution that year, I decided that 2012 was going to be my year to meet the love of...

Heather Lynn Temple
January 6 2015

Why Being Single Can Be A Defense Mechanism

This summer I turned 40. When I was younger, I never thought that I'd still be single at 40. In fact, I probably would have laughed in your face if...

Heather Lynn Temple
December 20 2014

3 Ways To Make Dating Feel More Like A Treat Than A Trick

Halloween — the holiday when we're treated for dressing up as someone (or something) we're not — is just around the corner.

Heather Lynn Temple
October 17 2014