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Heather Lounsbury

Evil Cravings: Why You Have Them, And How To Choose Healthy Alternatives

Cravings. We all have them. The question is why? Why for some things and not for others? And why is it that they’re usually for things that aren’t...

Heather Lounsbury
March 8 2013

How Chinese Medicine Can Improve Your Sex Life

Spring is almost here. Are you starting to feel friskier? Or maybe you’re not feeling frisky enough. That’s where Chinese medicine comes in. For those...

Heather Lounsbury
February 27 2013

The Best $3 You’ll Ever Spend

There's nothing better than a steamy, relaxing soak in winter. After a long, stressful day and it's cold out. Your muscles are tense from a long day...

Heather Lounsbury
January 18 2013

If You're Vegan, How Do You Get Enough Protein?

I recently read a great quote: “People suddenly become nutritionists when they hear I’m a vegetarian.”

Heather Lounsbury
December 29 2012

How I Overcame My Cheese Addiction and Became Vegan for Reals

I have a little confession to make. I had a hard time switching from being vegetarian to vegan. I share this with you dear reader, because many of you...

Heather Lounsbury
December 12 2012