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Hannah Sentenac

6 Ways A Plant-Based Diet Can Make You A Happier Person

I knew that eating plant-based has been shown to be better for animals, the environment, and your body. But making me happier? That was a pleasant...

Hannah Sentenac
August 16 2015

7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Happier

Instant gratification is doable β€” and science agrees.

Hannah Sentenac
October 10 2014

10 Things All Highly Sensitive People Should Remember

The world can feel like a dizzy, overpowering place for sensitive souls. It's easy to feel stepped on, shouted at, tossed around. Things are brighter,...

Hannah Sentenac
August 31 2014

50 Habits For A Happy Life

Life can feel frustrating. Maddening. Insanity-inducing, even. At times, happiness and contentment may seem achievable only in your wildest dreams.

Hannah Sentenac
July 29 2014

8 Habits That Rob You Of Happiness

Humans are largely habitual creatures, and, unfortunately, this hard-wired ability can be used for good or ill. While we may earnestly avow that we're...

Hannah Sentenac
July 8 2014

Why Life Is Better After Quitting Booze

For most of my adult existence I was the ultimate party girl. Life without booze and parties and wild nights was impossible for me to imagine. After...

Hannah Sentenac
May 14 2014

10 Natural Ways To Help You Beat Depression

If you suffer from depression, it’s likely you feel utterly, desperately β€” sometimes unbearably β€” alone. It is, after all, an illness of alienation....

Hannah Sentenac
November 11 2013