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5 Post-Yoga Teacher Training Lessons

Fresh out of your first yoga teacher training? Here are five things you should know:

Haleigh Forbes
September 5 2012

Asana Jive

Recently, I went to a yoga workshop that included live music by Sean Hayes. There is just something sexy about practicing yoga to live music, right? I...

Haleigh Forbes
August 27 2012

Does Your Yoga Practice Need Viagra?

No matter what kind of intense, burning, passionate love you have for yoga, we've all been there... the lull. That feeling of just going through the...

Haleigh Forbes
September 15 2011

Incriminating Silence

Music is such a powerful tool. Music is used as a form of expression, an invitation for joy, a connection between body and rhythm, an escape, and so...

Haleigh Forbes
June 20 2011

Thoughtful Thoughtlessness

My mind is like a Busta Rhymes rap song -- too fast and impossible to understand. I have had multiple people ask me, "What's it like in there?" I’m...

Haleigh Forbes
May 17 2011

Diary of a Pregnant Yogi: Week 22

Prenatal yoga is all the craze right now. Studios offer it, websites offer information about it, and all the pregnancy books say "practice yoga". They...

Haleigh Forbes
April 27 2011


What is a yogasm, you ask? Allow me to explain... Yogasm-(n.) A feeling, not unlike an orgasm, that one experiences during yoga.

Haleigh Forbes
April 18 2011

Are You Suffering From Yogaphobia?

I have so many friends that constantly tell me that they want to start taking yoga, but it is just too scary. I've interpreted scary to mean...

Haleigh Forbes
April 11 2011