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Gia Ravazzotti

8 Truths About Sex In Long-Term Relationships

And the many myths that we hold about what's "healthy"

Gia Ravazzotti
May 16 2015

5 Ways To Connect With Your Partner During A Busy Week

Often, the mundane aspects of life get in the way of those aspects which we value highly. The mundane taking priority over the valuable seems...

Gia Ravazzotti
April 16 2015

6 Ways Sex Is Good For Your Health

Talking about sex can be contentious, often encouraging people to express strong opinions, and even debate each other. It is just such a subjective...

Gia Ravazzotti
November 27 2014

Are You Going About Happiness All Wrong?

Happiness is an addiction in our society. We seek that high over and over, seldom finding the fix, but persistently trying to experience that feeling....

Gia Ravazzotti
August 4 2014

How Meditation Can Change Your Sex Life

As a sex therapist, I see a lot of women who walk through my doors and explain that they simply don’t understand what all the fuss is about sex....

Gia Ravazzotti
July 28 2014