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5 Key Ingredients For Creating Delicious Meals (That Just Happen To Be Vegan)

From the editor: The secret to making a vegan meal isn't recreating a meaty meal with some dubious "meat substitute", it's about bringing out the best...

Gena Hamshaw
September 22 2015

Banana-Almond "Raw-nola"

This homemade "raw-nola" is sweet, fragrant, and bursting with the taste of delicious coconut.

Gena Hamshaw
October 14 2014

Raw Pad Thai (OMG!)

Kelp noodles are literally made from kelp — a type of seaweed that’s rich in calcium, iron, and especially iodine.

Gena Hamshaw
October 7 2014

Raw Falafel With Tangy Tahini Sauce

Falafel is one of my favorite foods, but I often find that it’s too greasy when prepared conventionally. These falafel, which I first created when I...

Gena Hamshaw
September 30 2014

How Yoga Helped Me Recover From an Eating Disorder

The first time I tried yoga, I spent the better part of class feeling as though I’d been ripped off. This was not because I had a bad teacher, or...

Gena Hamshaw
September 9 2012