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Gabriel Sanders

13 Ways to Find More Time

"There has been a great misunderstanding between life and time. Time is thought to consist of three tenses: past, present, future - which is wrong....

Gabriel Sanders
June 5 2012

Fitting in Health: Breathing 101

Inhale... Exhale... A simple two-step process that even I am guilty of forgetting. Inhale through the nose and feel the fresh oxygen race through your...

Gabriel Sanders
February 17 2012

Fitting in Health: Stress-Free Weight Loss

"That is one of the great secrets of life, that life is a movement. And if you are stuck somewhere you lose contact with life." -- Osho

Gabriel Sanders
September 26 2011

Fitting in Health: The Ins and Outs

Everybody has heard of the old adage: "You are what you eat". Actually, what you put into your body, whether it be food, water, or air, makes you who...

Gabriel Sanders
August 10 2011

Fitting In Health: Use It or Lose It

Muscles grow by using them, and if you don't use them you lose them. This is atrophy. The growing of muscle fibers is hypertrophy. This mantra can...

Gabriel Sanders
June 15 2011

Fitting In Health: An Introduction

Buddha said that a jug is filled drop by drop. Completion of a goal does not occur immediately, it requires patience and dedication (that classic of...

Gabriel Sanders
June 3 2011