10 Articles by Erin Oprea

Erin Oprea

What It's REALLY Like To Be A Female Marine

There's no difference in being a marine and being a female marine.

Erin Oprea
January 8 2016

4-Minute Tabata For Strong, Toned Legs

This four-minute tabata of leg-burning, lung-expanding, calorie-destroying moves will get you a lot closer to your dream legs!

Erin Oprea
December 5 2015

Steal This Leg Workout From Carrie Underwood's Trainer

These five killer exercises will have you feeling the burn while toning your legs all over.

Erin Oprea
November 2 2015

10 Reasons Everyone Should Lift Weights

There are countless benefits to a weigh-lifting regimen, and it's something men and women should work into their training schedule.

Erin Oprea
October 26 2015

21 Signs You've Found A Great Workout Buddy

21 signs that your workout buddy is really your BFF.

Erin Oprea
September 30 2015

9 Sneaky Little Ways To Get Healthier — No Matter How Much You Work

It’s time to drastically change how you approach your lunch hour.

Erin Oprea
September 11 2015

10 "Rules" To Live By If You Want To Get Healthier

It's all about creating a consistent lifestyle that promotes healthy eating and movement throughout the day.

Erin Oprea
August 29 2015

10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

A list of mantras that will help you become a champion of simple, healthy living.

Erin Oprea
July 29 2015