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Erin McGuire

When Was The Last Time You Felt Happy, Expanded And In the Flow of Life?

I was doing a life coaching session yesterday, helping a client who felt stuck and unhappy, even though things appear to be flowing in his life. 

Erin McGuire
March 24 2013

Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Life: 3 Ways to Create What YOU Want!

When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and used your imagination? I'm pretty sure that most people would say not since they were a...

Erin McGuire
December 10 2012

5 Reasons to Practice Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is the supreme method to awaken your awareness and take you into your infinite self. It is a natural...

Erin McGuire
September 13 2012

From Self-Deprecation to Self-Love

Today while trying to pack for a trip, meditate, take care of my dog and a list of other things, instead of doing what I should have been doing which...

Erin McGuire
August 24 2012

3 Ways to Let Go and Shine Bright

Letting go is hard, because our ego likes to hold on to the familiar. It doesn’t understand concepts beyond that. It doesn’t understand that we are...

Erin McGuire
August 1 2012

4 Ways to Be Authentic and Speak Your Needs

How many times have you held back from saying what you really felt, what was really on your mind, or asked for what you really wanted instead of...

Erin McGuire
June 11 2012

Be Open to Infinite Possibilities...

Don't mistake today for just any old day, doing the same old thing. Today could be the day your life changes forever. Stay open to the possibility. I...

Erin McGuire
June 5 2012