Eric Kussin

With successes ranging from league-side to team-side, from NBA to NHL, from Intern to Chief Revenue Officer, Eric Kussin pushed himself to become one of the most respected executives in the pro sports business industry. He's had stints generating revenues for the NY Jets, International Management Group, NBA League Office, Chicago Sky of the WNBA, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Devils, and Florida Panthers. After a debilitating bout with PTSD that came along with symptoms of major depression and anxiety, he's now full-time using his platform, and relationships with athletes and celebrities to promote something more important to him...removing the stigmas surrounding mental health. His nonprofit, We're All A Little "Crazy," partners with persons of influence in the sports and entertainment world to elevate the dialogue surrounding mental health, and daily practices that promote wellness. Through his organization's Global #SameHere Movement, Kussin is communicating that mental HEALTH lives on a spectrum, where we ALL are part of one large community, as we are all affected by life's inevitable challenges. The organization, which launched only this past Novemeber, has recently announced a 15 College Campus "#SameHere Sit-Down" Tour alongside Darren Rovell of ESPN, and has customized programs for K-12 Schools, Corporate Offices, and Veterans to educate and promote mental wellness.