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Unilever Is About To Clean Up The Dirtiest Word In The Beauty Industry

Here, the Environmental Working Group breaks down Unilever's latest pledge to demystify fragrances once and for all.

Environmental Working Group
February 7 2017

These Are The Most Dangerous Hidden Toxins, According To The EWG

Find out what chemicals should be at the top the EPA's radar (and yours).

The EWG Warns Against Using Natural Bug Spray This Summer. Here's Why

DEET is the only insect repellent that has been tested on pregnant women.

Scientists Now Agree That These Toxic Chemicals Pose Huge Health Risks

Today, a distinguished group of 50 scientists, health professionals and advocates called for urgent action to protect children from the harmful...

This Tool Will Show You How Toxic Your Home Cleaning Products Really Are

The EWG's online tool now lifts veil of secrecy for more than 2,500 household products.

4 More Major Food Companies Pledge To Label GMOs

This is a big week for everyone who eats! Which is all of us.

Big Win! GMO Anti-Labeling Law Is Turned Down In The Senate

In a major win for consumers, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kans.) failed to earn the votes he needed to stop debate on a bill known to opponents as the Deny...

The Senate Is Voting On A GMO Labeling Law Today: Here's What You Need To Know

On March 14, Sen.Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) filed a new version of the bill we call the Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK, Act. Unfortunately, this...

Mars Pledges To Drop Artificial Coloring

The announcement by Mars, best known for its sweets, comes just shy of Valentine’s Day, when Americans are projected to spend more than $1 billion on...

Environmental Working Group
February 11 2016

The EWG Calls For Stricter Dietary Guidelines For Americans

The Obama administration’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released earlier this month, are supposed to represent the best scientific judgments on...

Environmental Working Group
January 20 2016

The U.S. Government Just Voted To Leave States In The Dark On GMO Labeling

House passage of what critics call the DARK Act, for Deny Americans the Right to Know, shows a disregard for Americans’ basic rights, Just Label It...

Big Corn & Soy Go On The Defensive As Cancer Experts Probe Weed Killers

News that the world’s cancer experts are taking a fresh look at 2,4-D has farm organizations worried.

This New Bill Could Make American Cosmetics Safer

A bill introduced by Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, would help the federal Food and Drug Administration ensure that...

12 Food Additives You Shouldn't Be Eating

Environmental Working Group today published a new Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives designed to help people figure out which additives to avoid and...

Environmental Working Group
November 12 2014

New App Rates The Health Of More Than 80,000 Foods

The Environmental Working Group has released Food Scores: Rate Your Plate, an easy-to-use food database and mobile app that will house ratings and a...

Environmental Working Group
October 28 2014

EPA Approves Dangerous Weedkiller Designed For New GMOs

The Environmental Working Group is "deeply disappointed" that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has decided to approve a toxic weed killer...

Environmental Working Group
October 16 2014

The EWG's New Tool To Help You Eat Healthy Seafood

The Environmental Working Group published a new shopping tool and seafood calculator today to help people buy seafood lower in mercury, higher in...

Environmental Working Group
September 19 2014

Why You Should Never Buy Products With Microbeads

I grew up just a block away from Lake Michigan, dunked my head in all five Great Lakes two summers ago and thought I knew the lakes pretty well. I am...

487 Elementary Schools At Risk Of Toxic Herbicide Exposure

EWG has determined that 487 elementary schools across America are within 200 feet of a corn or soybean field. This finding is alarming because young...