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Emma Bathie

Yes, You CAN Create Your Own Happiness. Here's How

Practical ways to actively create more joy in your life.

Emma Bathie
March 18 2016

10 Habits Of People Who Achieve Their Dreams

1. They have a vision: They know what they want, why they want it, and what it’s going to feel like when they get it.

Emma Bathie
February 8 2016

9 Ways To Co-Parent Like A Grown-Up

When someone decides to leave a relationship, there’s a very real possibility they may never again see the person who was once the center of their...

Emma Bathie
March 26 2014

5 Truths About Creating The Life You Really Want

It’s interesting how often we’re asked the question, “What do you want?” Sometimes we’re able to meet this with an emphatically clear, “This AND this,...

Emma Bathie
March 21 2014