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Elizabeth Rowan

The Yoga Of (My) Divorce

As I type, my laptop sits among a small mountain of legal documents, receipts from Home Depot, a new set of keys, suitcases spilling out onto the...

Elizabeth Rowan
December 23 2013

I Got Screwed Over By My Yoga Teacher. Here's What I Learned About Gurus.

So I’ll just come right out and say it: I got screwed over by a yoga teacher. There was money involved and a business plan gone awry, plus disdain for...

Elizabeth Rowan
March 8 2013

How to Use Ayurveda to Plan Your Workday

I have several friends from my former life as a BlackBerry juggler who can’t find time for a yoga class in their 60 hour workweeks, can’t make it...

Elizabeth Rowan
September 10 2012

Yoga's 9 Drishtis: What You Need to Know

Many of us have heard our yoga teacher say, “Find your drishti. Fix your gaze.” But did you know you had as many as nine options? Chances are that...

Elizabeth Rowan
August 21 2012

Yoga Teaching: Where Beastie Boys, Blogs & Bartenders Collide

Since graduating from my first yoga teacher training a little over a year ago, I’ve learned that yoga teachers must acquire an amalgam of skills,...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 7 2012

5 Fab Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

We've all seen photos of Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, and January Jones toting a yoga mat, bringing increasing awareness and cool factor to the...

Elizabeth Rowan
March 22 2012

7 Benefits of Yoga for Kids with Autism

"I like yoga because it makes my body feel safe." -- 6 year old with autism

Elizabeth Rowan
January 11 2012

Teen Moms: When Prenatal Yoga Meets Kids Yoga

What happens when your first prenatal yoga teaching experience also becomes your first time teaching... children's yoga? A group of six teenage girls...

Elizabeth Rowan
October 11 2011

Prenatal Yoga with Ashley Albrand, Part II

Yogis and yoga teachers, how has a student's or your own pregnancy changed the way you teach or practice? What have been your challenges, realizations...

Elizabeth Rowan
October 10 2011

Prenatal Yoga with Ashley Albrand, Part I

Yogis and yoga teachers, how has your pregnancy or a student's changed the way you practice or teach? What have been your challenges, realizations or...

Elizabeth Rowan
September 29 2011

First the Body Whispers: From Ulcers to Yoga Bliss

Just over a year ago, I found myself pantomiming the stomach bug to a sympathetic but non-English speaking pharmacist in the Tokyo airport en route...

Elizabeth Rowan
September 6 2011

Like a Virgin: Teaching My First Yoga Class

Picture this: Last Sunday evening, surrounded by thousands of Hong Kong's Filipina domestic workers in a public outdoor square in Hong Kong, I rolled...

Elizabeth Rowan
August 19 2011

Enjoy the Journey: How to Stay Healthy & Sane in International Air Travel

Security lines, nutrient-void pre-made meals, recycled air, time zones run amok, cramped seating and long delays...what's not to love about air travel...

Elizabeth Rowan
August 8 2011

The Day After Yoga Teacher Training: Now What?

On the last day of my yoga teacher training course, I hailed a taxi, hopped in, and realized I truly did not know where to ask the cab driver to take...

Elizabeth Rowan
July 6 2011

Yoga Teacher Training: The Perfect Counter to Corporate

Armed with a laptop, two BlackBerrys and a cell phone and having succumbed to the 24/7 workday for which Hong Kong is well known among executives, I...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 27 2011

What I Learned in Prenatal Yoga When I Wasn't Expecting

Late to my first day of prenatal yoga teacher training, I discreetly slip in the back of the darkened studio behind two rows of noticeably pregnant...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 22 2011