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Elena Brower

5 Steps To A Radically Positive Breakup

Breakups Don't Need To Be Ugly. Here's How To Be Better Apart Than You Were Together

Elena Brower
January 29

4 Reasons Your Kids Will Love It When You Meditate

Staying responsive and respectful takes PRACTICE, especially when it comes to parenting. Think about all of the other things you might be practicing...

Elena Brower
December 14 2014

A Complete Guide To Meditation For Stellar Parenting

It's been eight years since I started this parenting adventure with no map and no previous experience. The practices I've learned along the way have...

Elena Brower
December 7 2014

11 Food Habits That Improved My Mood & Cleared My Skin

Last year I found myself over-scheduled, exhausted and suffering from a case of eczema on my hands — which are my lifeline to my work. After a...

Elena Brower
October 12 2014

Get Inspired! Elena Brower Shares Her Favorite Quotes

How many times have you found a quote that inspired you, and wished you could pair it with an image you loved? The new app Quollective, lets us...

Elena Brower
September 19 2014

Get That Mama Glow! How To Feel Blissful Before, During & After Pregnancy

Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, is a teacher, an inspirational speaker, a mama, a friend, and a badass woman. I've admired Latham for years and...

Elena Brower
January 14 2014

The Perfect Bite: A Touch Of Honey

As a mama, life coach, and yogi, I'm always in search of the perfect bite, something I can make between classes or enjoy after practice.

Elena Brower
March 15 2013

Announcing an End to My Quest for a Healthy, Yummy Frozen Dessert...

The other night I went to the opening of a sweet little shop called Simply Peeled on the Upper East Side, at 1371 Third Avenue between 78th and 79th....

Elena Brower
August 16 2010