3 Articles by Dr. Trevor Cates

Dr. Trevor Cates

3 Things To Look For In Your Beauty Products

I've always had finicky skin. Synthetic ingredients don't work for me, so natural skin care has always been my only option. I knew it was better for...

Dr. Trevor Cates
December 4 2015

Why I'm Saying No To Botox

When I turned 40, I started looking in the mirror more closely. At 34, I'd started to notice fine lines on my face, and six years later, wrinkles and...

Dr. Trevor Cates
October 21 2015

Better Than Botox: 5 Ways To Naturally Restore Your Skin (Without Injections!)

Botox has become so popular that even twentysomethings are holding Botox parties and lining up for injections. Listen, I get it ... all of us want...

Dr. Trevor Cates
September 29 2015