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Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.

The Most Crucial Factor In Changing Your Habits For Good: A Psychologist Explains

In the past, on several occasions, I have tried to give up caffeine. But my motivation wasn’t strong enough, so it lasted for only a day or two (if...

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
September 6 2017

This Is The Best Career Choice You Can Make, According To Science

When making career-related decisions, many of us find that our heads and our hearts provide us with conflicting advice.

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
November 12 2015

The Tiny Mental Shift That Makes EVERYTHING Easier

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, then been utterly frustrated that you seemed unable to put forth the necessary effort to get what you wanted?...

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
September 5 2015

How Serena Williams Helped Me Learn To Love My Body

From the ways she has handled herself throughout her career, here are four life lessons I have learned from Serena.

Are You Too Empathetic In Your Relationship? 4 Ways To Tell

Meryl Streep once said, “The great gift of humans is that we have the power of empathy.” Empathy, or the ability to recognize someone else’s emotions...

6 Scientifically Proven Reasons To Laugh More

Comedian Kevin Hart once said, “Laughter heals all wounds, and that's one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you're going through, it makes...

20 Ways To Bring A Sense Of Awe To Your Daily Life

Albert Einstein once said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science."

Why Taking Breaks Makes You More Productive

Read on, and you'll be comforted to learn that contemporary scientific research is supporting your choice to give yourself a break.

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
April 20 2015

8 Scientifically Proven Reasons To Spend Way More Time Outside

Novelist Jane Austen said, "To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment."

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
March 27 2015

4 Questions To Ask If You Want To Strengthen Your Relationship

The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung once said "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any...

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
March 23 2015

6 Scientific Reasons To Add Music To Your Self-Care Regimen

Scientifically-backed reasons why you should definitely consider turning on some tunes for a potent addition to your wellness regimen.

9 Tips To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence For Stronger Relationships

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your emotions that you said or did something you quickly came to regret?

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
February 23 2015

The Scientifically Proven Mental Shift That Makes You Physically Healthier

In this day and age, you would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the powerful mind-body connection. For example, we know that...

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
February 4 2015

A Step-By-Step Guide To Apologizing With Integrity

How do you apologize with strength, with integrity, while also showing vulnerability and compassion?

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
December 27 2014

8 Simple Choices For The Best Love Life Possible

Here are 8 resolutions to set right now to help you improve your love life.

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
December 22 2014

5 Mental Strategies To Boost Your Confidence

There are research-based strategies that will help you get to the root of the thinking patterns that undermine you.

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
December 3 2014