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Martha Calihan, M.D.

What You Can Expect From A Detox: A Functional Medicine Doctor Explains

Have you ever thought about doing a “detox” but weren’t really sure what that meant or what it would involve? As a doctor of functional medicine, I...

Martha Calihan, M.D.
January 30 2016

Why You Should Give Up Gluten Today

You've probably noticed how many people are going gluten free, but what's all the hype about? Is it just the newest food fad, or does it help? Do you...

Martha Calihan, M.D.
August 9 2013

Is Your Gut Healthy?

Gut health is at the core of our well-being, and is often at the core of illness, as well.

5 All-Natural Allergy Treatments

It's spring, and as the world erupts into bloom, our attention often shifts to our allergies. The pollen in the air causes noses and eyes to itch and...

Martha Calihan, M.D.
April 1 2013

5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack

When we hear the word "hormones," we often think of a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels, and occasionally a man’s testosterone level. But...

Martha Calihan, M.D.
March 25 2013