10 Articles by Josh Axe, DNM, D.C., CNS

Josh Axe, DNM, D.C., CNS

How To Build Your Own Pre-Workout Supplement

Looking to optimize your fitness? Try these ingredients.

What's A Bone Broth Fast + Should You Try One?

Just adding some bone broth to your regular routine could have great benefits.

8 Science-Backed Ways To Heal Your Leaky Gut

Research shows that emotional or psychological stress greatly increases the risk of leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease. Josh Axe, natural...

Josh Axe, DNM, D.C., CNS
April 13 2016

A 4-Ingredient Essential Oil Serum To Balance Your Hormones & Skin

Essential oils are a terrific way to avoid hormone imbalance and keep yourself feeling great.

Josh Axe, DNM, D.C., CNS
October 13 2015

7 Foods Labeled "Natural" (But Are Far From It)

It’s estimated that 61 percent of the calories Americans consume today come from unnatural, processed foods. And while some of that percentage...

Josh Axe, DNM, D.C., CNS
October 1 2015