3 Articles by Dr. Jill Emanuele

Dr. Jill Emanuele

How Technology Can Help You Raise More Mindful Kids

Technology doesn't have to be the enemy of mindful parenting. As a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, here are my favorite tips on how...

Dr. Jill Emanuele
March 30 2016

5 Ways To Help Your Child Go Back To School, Stress-Free

Back to school: That exciting period of freshly sharpened pencils, brand-new pairs of shoes, and the chance to meet new teachers and friends.

Dr. Jill Emanuele
September 4 2015

10 Tips To Raise A Child With Resilience & Self-Esteem

Although there are many ways of defining the concept of self-esteem, in general the term encompasses the way we think and feel about ourselves, and...

Dr. Jill Emanuele
June 22 2015