5 Articles by James S. Gordon, M.D.

James S. Gordon, M.D.

A Doctor's Top 5 Ways To Relax Naturally

Five easy and effective methods to raise energy, decreased fear, and lifted the clouds that have closed us in.

James S. Gordon, M.D.
July 23 2015

4 Techniques Used Around The World To Heal Trauma

Anyone can learn these skills, and with practice, they can positively impact the way you respond to everyday stress.

James S. Gordon, M.D.
May 26 2015

6 Basic Principles Of Using Food As Medicine

In 1973, when I was a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and beginning to become interested in alternative therapies, I met Shyam...

James S. Gordon, M.D.
August 15 2014

5 Major Myths About Depression

Depression may be the defining disorder of our time. This year 13 to 14 million Americans will be diagnosed with a “major depression,” a month or many...

James S. Gordon, M.D.
August 4 2014