15 Articles by Gary Kaplan, D.O.

Gary Kaplan, D.O.

Eat This One Food To Get Rid Of Brain Fog

It also helps get rid of migraines and improves cognitive performance!

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
March 10 2017

What I Tell All My Patients To Do For A Healthy Gut

Be good to your gut, and your gut will be good to you!

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
August 17 2016

5 Natural Treatments I Recommend To Banish Migraines: A Doctor Explains

Keeping an open mind and exploring alternative treatments could be the key to becoming migraine-free.

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
July 14 2016

Why Meditation Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do For Heart Health: A Doctor Explains

As an integrative medicine practitioner, I know the importance of stress management. Here's why meditation is a proven and natural method for...

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
February 12 2016

5 Healthy Foods That Are Even More Nutritious When Paired Together

Dr. Gary Kaplan is a leader in the field of integrative medicine, which combines the best elements of Western medicine and alternative treatments....

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
January 8 2016

8 Causes Of Anxiety & Depression That We Often Overlook

If you’re one of the many Americans seeking relief from depression or anxiety, you’re no doubt aware just how elusive successful treatment can be. In...

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
September 18 2015

3 Questions To Ask Before You Start Taking Supplements

Recently, Wal-Mart, GNC and Target were all served cease-and-desist letters by the New York state attorney general’s office, asking them to stop...

Gary Kaplan, D.O.
April 20 2015