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Emill Kim, LAc

Tall, Dark & Handsome But Can't Find A Relationship

Joseph was referred to me by a close friend. An attorney and exercise nut, he was easygoing, charismatic, and bore a striking resemblance to Brad...

Emill Kim, LAc
April 30 2013

Yoga Advice From Mom

My mother is an incredible acupuncturist and healer. She doesn't dither with deconstructionist explanations of Qi and energy or even overly...

Dr. Emill Kim
February 12 2013

Don't Wear Your Genes To Yoga

“My [fill in the blank] are genetically tight.”

Emill Kim, LAc
January 21 2013

We All Play Roles - What's Yours?

I heard an anecdote long ago that Buddhist monks in a certain community would see a wretched soul or an impoverished person and laugh at their...

Dr. Emill Kim
January 10 2013

Yogis Can Drink Beer?!

Yesterday, I had a very interesting night out with "The Boys." (My version of "The Boys" is two dear yoga friends: one is a college dean and the other...

Emill Kim, LAc
September 1 2012

What's the Difference Between Eastern & Western Medicine?

Every once in awhile someone will ask me the difference between Eastern and Western medicine. The common answer given is that Eastern medicine is...

Emill Kim, LAc
August 20 2012

What Handstands Say About Your Energy

I'm really fortunate to have a boyish face and a sincere smile because I'm often caught staring at people. It's super embarrassing and hard to explain...

Dr. Emill Kim
April 4 2012

What a Backbend Can Reveal About Your Life

When I'm not working as a dashingly handsome acupuncturist, you'll often find me in the yoga room. I have a scheduled class once a week at Equinox...

Emill Kim, LAc
March 20 2012

Why the Real Pain Relief Might Be Inside of You

I was browsing at a local bookstore when I received an unexpected call from my friend Stephanie. It was a surprise because of her private nature. A...

Emill Kim, LAc
March 15 2012