Dr. Charles Passler

Dr. Charles Passler is a renowned, New York City–based nutritional and lifestyle expert who carries over 20 years of experience to his wellness practice. Since its founding in 1994, Dr. Passler has grown his business into a wildly successful practice with a clientele comprised of NYC’s notables, power brokers, A-list celebrities, and supermodels alike. One of the wellness world’s best kept secrets, he believes that the desire to change is the first step in improving your life. By rearranging your priorities, you can create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Passler’s ongoing mission is to help as many people as possible feel healthier and more confident by nurturing them into what he refers to as "the best versions of themselves." To instill effective changes, Dr. Passler offers guidance in the form of bespoke meal and supplement plans coupled with wellness practices designed to target the five critical pillars of wellness: stress, sleep, breathing, hydration, and exercise. Countless patient success stories evidence that his philosophies dramatically improve elements including improved metabolism, stress management, digestion, detoxification, increased lean muscle mass, and decreased body fat.

Based on years of overwhelming positive patient feedback on his customized nutrition plans, Dr. Passler debuted Pure Change, a stand-alone detox program purchasable by the masses in January 2016. Available in 7- or 21-Day iterations, Pure Change’s formula is rooted in Dr. Passler’s tried-and-true philosophies for those looking to "hit reset" on their lives with a carefully curated detox program.
At Dr. Passler’s waitlisted practice exclusive of nutrition, he offers services in stress management, biofeedback, kinesiology, functional testing, cranial electrical stimulation, lymphatic drainage, sound and light therapy as well as chelation of heavy metals.

Dr. Passler’s expertise has been featured in Vogue, W, the New York Times, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar among countless others. His notable clients include Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Naomi Watts, Amber Valletta, Bridget Malcolm and Liev Schreiber.

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