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Doug Tedeschi

5 Ways to Make Your Partner Happy

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my wife, it’s how to make your partner happy. We just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We’ve faced...

Doug Tedeschi
November 14 2012

5 Reasons to Feed Your Kids Organic

Think “organic” is a bunch of BS? Think again, for your kids’ sake.

Doug Tedeschi
September 24 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Beware of Foods That Make Health Claims

How do you know when a food is good for you? Fat free, sugar free, gluten free, cholesterol free, low sodium, low calorie, high calcium, whole wheat ....

Doug Tedeschi
September 6 2012

How to Get the Most Out of Your Farmers' Market

Ever worry you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself at your local farmers’ market? More comfortable at the traditional grocery stores you’ve shopped...

Doug Tedeschi
August 13 2012

5 Reasons Grass-Fed Beef Isn't a Fad

Each generation has its “health” foods. Back in the day, a stiff whisky cured all ills. Then Coca-Cola. Next, margarine, Snackwells and diet soda— or...

Doug Tedeschi
August 4 2012

How I Healed My Back Without Surgery or Drugs

Two years ago, my doctors told me I’d never run again. I’d never lift, push or pull anything heavy. My back was so messed up I wasn’t even supposed to...

Doug Tedeschi
July 19 2012

5 Reasons to Run Barefoot

I started running “barefoot” this summer. No, I don’t run around like Huck Finn along the banks of The Mississippi. I wear shoes. But they’re...

Doug Tedeschi
July 11 2012

5 Reasons to Go Raw

I always thought “raw food” was a diet for super-hippies and new-agers... until I tried it.

Doug Tedeschi
July 6 2012