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Desiree Pais

How Having Cystic Acne Redefined What Beauty Means To Me

Desiree Pais reminds us of how empowering it is to see a true spectrum of beauty represented in the world, as opposed to a sole standard.

Desiree Pais
November 1 2016

How I Used Meditation To Beat Addiction & Heal My Anxiety

"My constant state of worry was taking a massive a toll on my hormones, my immune system, and my overall well-being."

Desiree Pais
October 18 2016

I Was Attacking My Skin Without Realizing It. Here's What Had To Change

Why calling a truce with your skin could be the best thing you ever did for it.

Desiree Pais
March 22 2016

3 Ways Saying YES Will Radically Change Your Life

As someone who struggled with acne, anxiety, depression, auto-immune and eating disorders, hiding from the world was a cherished past time for the...

Desiree Pais
March 30 2015