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Derek Beres

3 Ways Changing My Diet Calmed My Anxiety

"Everyone's microbiome is different, but here's what worked for me."

Derek Beres
February 27 2016

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here's What I Hate About The Yoga "Community"

In our new Realtalk Fitness series, we're sharing the realities of being a fitness instructor today. We know it takes a lot of effort to create a...

Derek Beres
November 4 2015

Of Course It’s Hard To Make Money As A Yoga Teacher. Here's How To Make It Work

Surviving in the fitness industry is no small feat. Every few months a new article reminds you of this, such as a recent New York magazine story on...

Derek Beres
October 23 2015

What Happened When I Found Out I Had Cancer

There are certain things men don't discuss. Divorce is one of them. I don't mean between confidantes and brothers — everyone requires a shoulder, at...

Derek Beres
May 16 2014

How I Learned The Art Of Humility

Last July I sprained my knee while playing basketball. Injuries are synonymous with this game. After a lifetime of getting hurt playing competitive...

Derek Beres
January 13 2014

How I Learned To Manage My Crippling Anxiety

Anxiety can be crippling. All of us deal with varying levels of stress — it's an evolutionary trait that helped us remain cognizant of the world's...

Derek Beres
November 19 2013

How NOT To Heal Heartbreak

One of the most common sentiments expressed after going through a breakup or divorce is, "This just means something better is coming." While well...

Derek Beres
November 8 2013

Decoding A Yoga Cliche: What We Talk About When We Talk About Our "Natural State"

One of the catchphrases often stated by yoga instructors involves our natural state, usually embedded in a statement such as "our natural state is...

Derek Beres
March 1 2013

How To Write A Great Bio

Writing a bio for your website, job or other promotional material can be a daunting task. I’ve encountered numerous people who have difficulty writing...

Derek Beres
February 6 2013

5 Important Steps In Creating Your Yoga Class

We all have different methods for memorizing yoga sequences. My first teacher, Brendan McCall, with whom I initially studied dance, would lead us on...

Derek Beres
January 8 2013

The Responsibility Of Being A Yoga Teacher

Modifying yoga postures during a group class is an important aspect for many, especially those suffering from injuries.

Derek Beres
December 27 2012

4 Steps in Healing From Divorce

There is little as frightening and unsettling as having the ground pulled out from under your feet. While the reality of that is predominantly...

Derek Beres
September 5 2012

The Yoga Cell Phone Conversation

By now the story of a Facebook yoga teacher was fired for glaring at a cell phone-wielding employee has made the rounds. This story has rumpled many...

Derek Beres
July 15 2012

10 Must-Read Books for Yogis

While there are many powerful and well-circulated ‘yoga books’ that get used and reused for teacher trainings and programs, as well as self-knowledge,...

Derek Beres
June 8 2012

Disconnecting With Nature: A Lion Roams Santa Monica

It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen downtown Santa Monica roped off with dozens of police officers milling about. Many circumstances create the...

Derek Beres
June 1 2012

5 Words I've Removed From My Yoga Vocabulary

The language used during a yoga class is one of the most important aspects of teaching. This encompasses everything from intonation and volume to...

Derek Beres
May 1 2012

Yoga's Great Awakening

America started to find religion -- the Christian religion, that is -- in 1720. For the next two centuries there was a recurrence of what was called...

Derek Beres
February 13 2012

Why You Should Fully Experience Savasana

You've just finished nearly 90 minutes of a grueling, sweaty asana practice. Nearing the end of that journey, you're on your back, perhaps in a twist,...

Derek Beres
December 12 2011

Soaking Up Argan Oil in Casablanca

Behold the skin-soothing miracle that is argan oil.

Derek Beres
August 1 2011