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Deborah Williamson

How Coffee Beans Can Improve Your Yoga & Meditation Practice

Sometimes the simplest things become tools when life gets busy. Take coffee beans, for example.

Deborah Williamson
August 2 2012

Why Can't Someone Tell Me What I CAN Eat?

We've all heard it before. The long list of NO-NOs and DON'Ts for optimal health:

Deborah Williamson
May 15 2012

The Very Real Benefits of Napping

I was raised as a Biphasic sleeper. It's true. While most kids are told eventually that they've outgrown a daily nap, sleeping twice in any 24 hour...

Deborah Williamson
February 27 2012

Jumping Off the Competition Train Thanks to Yoga

On the eve of our first snow, just weeks before my 50th birthday, I bought a bikini.

Deborah Williamson
February 2 2012

9 Tips to Thrive Amid Chaos

It's all in how you look at things. Really. I teach and live the perspective that life happens and we can embrace it or hate it, plain and simple. And...

Deborah Williamson
December 29 2011