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David Sciola

9 Signs You're Working Out Too Hard

Is anyone else intrigued by our new obsession with extreme fitness? Is anyone else concerned that we may be taking it too far, putting ourselves at...

David Sciola
November 8 2014

Paleo-Friendly Post-Workout Smoothie

I am generally not a big fan of drinking my calories with the following three exceptions:

David Sciola
September 16 2014

Why "Everything In Moderation" Isn't Good Diet Advice

What are some of the biggest dogmas that have been perpetuated by conventional health wisdom in recent decades? I can think of two in particular:...

David Sciola
August 12 2014

How Naturally Thin People Eat, Move & Think About Food

I've been a fashion model for 10 years and over that time I've been surrounded by skinny people from all over the world, men and women from 15 to 50....

David Sciola
June 12 2014

6 Signs Of A Good Diet

Being of a Paleo persuasion, there are many foods I completely avoid that other diets insist are healthy. "High protein tofu," "healthy whole grains,"...

David Sciola
March 25 2014

7 Common Misconceptions About The Paleo Diet

Sometimes referred to as "The Cave Man Diet," the Paleolithic diet focuses on real, pre-agricultural whole foods such as wild-caught seafood, pastured...

David Sciola
March 15 2014