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Dave Asprey

Bulletproof Ice Cream? Yeah, It's A Thing. Here's A Recipe To Make Your Own

Have you tried Bulletproof coffee yet? Here's how to biohack your ice cream, too.

Dave Asprey
August 20 2016

Are You Getting Enough Zinc? Here's How To Optimize Your Levels

Zinc is a powerful mineral and antioxidant that every cell in your body needs in order to function. How do you know if you're getting enough?

Dave Asprey
March 25 2016

8 Ways To Naturally Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Stop SAD in its tracks, no tropical vacation required.

Dave Asprey
February 9 2016

A Quick Grass-Fed Steak Recipe To Make Tonight

I’ve always liked the quick, convenient nature of this dish, which is great for lunch or dinner. You could also use a strip steak for convenience or...

Dave Asprey
January 2 2016

The 5 Biggest Reasons You Should Eat Grass-Fed Meat (If You Aren’t Already)

The consensus is that organic vegetables and fruits are better for you than non-organic foods because their pesticides and chemicals make you weak....

Dave Asprey
December 31 2015

8 Hacks For Better Sleep

If you want more energy throughout the day, improving your sleep quality is one of the most important things you can do. Research shows that the...

Dave Asprey
November 11 2015

5 High-Fat Foods That Are Actually Great For Your Mind, Body & Metabolism

Fat gets a bad rap for all the wrong reasons. The key is making fats work for you instead of against you. Fat is the king of macronutrients — it burns...

Dave Asprey
October 14 2015

5 Biohacks That Improve Your Performance Without Wasting Your Time

Life can get busy. Time slips away from the best of us, and committing to new habits or practices is tough when your schedule is already full.

Dave Asprey
July 23 2015

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Mold

Toxic mold doesn’t get much time in the spotlight, but it’s a big deal.

Dave Asprey
June 29 2015