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Dani Marie Robinson

7 Things You Should Do Every Day To Stress Less & Enjoy Life More

It’s that time of year again. Spring. May. Time to set new goals, resolve to do more, eat less, stop smoking, start exercising, and a long list of...

Dani Marie Robinson
May 3 2014

I Got Fired: Here's What I Learned

For nearly 30 years, I’ve lived with a pervasive fear of failure. I’ve what-ifed my way through nearly every decision. I’ve weighed pros and cons,...

Dani Marie Robinson
April 19 2014

Why The Poses You Avoid Are The Ones You Need Most

It's been said that yoga is the ultimate journey into the self. Practices like meditation, pranayama, and asana are simple mirrors into our...

Dani Marie Robinson
December 4 2013

5 Yoga Poses To Help You Live With Ease & Grace

Have you ever met those enigmatic human beings who seem to exude a calm, alert presence? They seem to live with ease and grace in word and movement....

Dani Marie Robinson
November 25 2013

Is It Possible To Live With Ease?

How can I truly live with ease? How long must I wait until I’m able to transcend being human? I’m constantly waffling between two worlds: one riddled...

Dani Marie Robinson
October 7 2013

Do You Feel Worthy When You're Vulnerable?

Wearing armor around your heart won't shield you from hurt and pain; it will only diminish your chances to love fully, live joyously, and get wrapped...

Dani Marie Robinson
September 18 2013

Why Great Teachers Are So Extraordinary

I'm fortunate to be surrounded by teachers, mainly of the yoga variety, but I’m grateful to have many teachers from varying subjects as my students as...

Dani Marie Robinson
May 10 2013

What I Learned From A Stupid Sore Throat

I just had a rough two weeks of health challenges, the perfect confluence of issues rendering me motionless and then speechless on my couch. Being a...

Dani Marie Robinson
April 30 2013

Are You Too Attached To Your Pain?

I thought for a long time that my cynicism defined me. I liked the sharpened edge I lived with — or at least that’s what I told myself. I clung to to...

Dani Marie Robinson
April 11 2013

Are You Kind Of A Jerk To Yourself?

The wonderful and hilarious Ellen Degeneres always finishes her talk show with the phrase, “Be kind to one another,” before she says goodbye. I love...

Dani Marie Robinson
April 4 2013

Why Perfection Is The Lowest Standard You Can Set For Yourself

A dance teacher of mine once asked me, "What are the lowest expectations you can have for yourself?" I hesitated, slightly confused, then mumbled a...

Dani Marie Robinson
March 29 2013

Why You Need To Stop Checking Your Phone

I just watched two of my fellow human beings walk across a busy Chicago street while lost in the world of their phones. Shortly after they sauntered...

Dani Marie Robinson
March 21 2013

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Life

If I had a dime for every decision I talked myself out of, every risk I avoided taking, every man I wish I had the courage to open my heart to, I’d be...

Dani Marie Robinson
March 7 2013

Don't Take Anything Personally

All four of Don Miguel Ruiz’s agreements seem simple, but in practice they’re quite challenging. They all require resolute self-awareness and...

Dani Marie Robinson
February 26 2013

I Thought I Knew Gratitude. And Then I Went To Haiti.

I just returned from a ten day visit to Haiti. I have lived in Italy for three years, been fortunate enough to travel fairly extensively in Europe,...

Dani Marie Robinson
January 24 2013

We Can’t Always Get What We Want (And That’s OK!)

Lately I’ve given myself the task of psychological inventory: what am I holding onto, what should I release.

Dani Marie Robinson
January 7 2013

Happy Birthday, Osho! Lessons From An Amazing Philosopher

Osho has become one of my favorite spiritual philosophers, writers, teachers, and beings. I love and learn from many others, of course, but as of yet,...

Dani Marie Robinson
December 14 2012

Love Yourself + Love What You Do + Love Others = Real Success and Happiness

For many years I thought my strengths would be best suited to the field of law. During undergrad, I spent much of my time consumed by worry over my...

Dani Marie Robinson
December 4 2012

The Freedom (and Challenge) of Detachment

Most spiritual teachers worth their salt, including all the popular ones (Deepak, Eckhart, Osho), speak in depth about attachment.

Dani Marie Robinson
November 21 2012

The Role of Equanimity In Our Happiness

I know many passionate students who are delving deeper into Yoga on their own volition, using their free time to read and study about the many...

Dani Marie Robinson
November 7 2012