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10 Tips To Keep Your Grocery Bill Low & Still Eat Healthy

There's a common — and unfortunate — belief that healthy eating costs too much money to be sustainable. That an entire paycheck is required to foot...

Danielle Prestejohn
January 31 2015

4 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working + What To Do About It

I'd like to think I'm the world's worst dieters. For years, my weight yo-yoed as I tried every new diet plan out there. Though none of them truly...

Danielle Prestejohn
January 18 2015

4 (More) Tips For Effortless Weight Loss

A while back I wrote a post about effortless weight loss, and while there was some controversy over whether weight loss actually could be that simple,...

Danielle Prestejohn
May 22 2014

I May Never Have A Flat Stomach, And Here's Why That's OK

For a long time, I was torn between two worlds. One part of me thought I should be a thin, kale-eating health coach, while the other half knew what I...

Danielle Prestejohn
December 16 2013

I Know It's A Cliche, But Here's Why You Gotta Love Your Body

Love your body. As cliché as it sounds, it really has been one of the main things that has supported me in my journey to boost my body image,...

Danielle Prestejohn
November 4 2013

How To Make A Perfect Smoothie Every Time

Lately it seems as though everyone is drinking green juice on the regular, and can’t get enough. But let’s not forget about the smoothies!

Danielle Prestejohn
October 30 2013

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Bread

Nothing reminds me of fall more than pumpkin. Not only does it taste great, but it's packed with vitamins and is the perfect fall vegetable. Since...

Danielle Prestejohn
October 29 2013

4 Reasons Your Stressed-Out State Is Stopping You From Losing Weight

Most of my clients know more about nutrition than your average dietician. They've read countless diet books, research articles, and blogs. They've...

Danielle Prestejohn
September 22 2013

Fall Is Here! Are You Tuned In To Your Body?

Fall can definitely be a time when we start to ease up on our healthy habits. After spending months at the gym, enjoying fresh fruit and salads, and...

Danielle Prestejohn
September 18 2013

8 Tips To Quit Sugar Without Hating Life

The average woman is slowly destroying her body daily, with a fully legal, oft-advertised drug: SUGAR.

Danielle Prestejohn
September 6 2013

5 Foods You Should Eat For Great Health (And How To Enjoy Them!)

You've probably read dozens of posts telling you which foods you should be eating, but I'm actually going to tell you some delicious ways you can...

Danielle Prestejohn
August 22 2013

8 Tips To Detox Without Fasting, Juicing Or Restricting

Lately it seems as though everyone is doing a juice cleanse, experimenting with fasting, or living off raw food. If you're like me, and have a history...

Danielle Prestejohn
August 15 2013

Want To Lose Weight? Take A Vacation!

Ever come back from vacation having indulged and relaxed for the entire week, totally convinced you must have gained weight, and actually lost a...

Danielle Prestejohn
August 1 2013

How To Lose Weight Without Obsessing Over The Scale

I stopped weighing myself years ago and haven’t stepped on a scale since. My problem with scales was that I gave them too much power. If I stepped on...

Danielle Prestejohn
July 18 2013

Are You Eating Mindfully? 5 Ways To Make Your Meal An Experience

One of the most common problems that comes up when I talk with clients is that they're simply not enjoying food anymore. They’re either bored with...

Danielle Prestejohn
June 30 2013

Ditch Your Nighttime Eating Habit For Good

We’ve all heard these tips to stop overeating at night: brush your teeth after dinner, turn off the light in the kitchen, close your kitchen after...

Danielle Prestejohn
June 25 2013

Why I Started Losing Weight When I Stopped Dieting

I was a chronic dieter for as long as I can remember. I’ve done everything from juice cleanses, to shakes, to points, to bars and everything in...

Danielle Prestejohn
June 13 2013

5 Tips For Effortless Weight Loss

What if I told you it was actually possible to lose weight without following some super structured diet plan or cutting out any of your favorite...

Danielle Prestejohn
May 29 2013

10 Reasons Why I Stopped Counting Calories

For a very long time, I was a slave to the nutrition label.

Danielle Prestejohn
January 26 2013