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Danielle Orner

30 Days Of Self Care: Your Guide

I say the word “self-care” at least five times a day. After having spent my 20s as Type A person with unrealistically high expectations, I've learned...

Danielle Orner
August 16 2015

Why I Love Kris Carr: You Never Know Whose Life Is Depending On Your Bravery

My oncologist left an unexpected voice mail on my phone. Of course, the very sight of the hospital number made me hold my breath. I can remember all...

Danielle Orner
April 16 2015

Are You Accidentally Body Shaming Others?

We live in a culture that's obsessed with body image and an idea of "perfection." We also live in a culture that accepts negative self-talk. In fact,...

Danielle Orner
November 21 2014

Why You Have To Destroy Doubt To Create The Life You Want

My girlfriend and I went to see the "Mandala of Compassion" exhibition at the Hammer Museum on the last day it was up. We decided to watch the...

Danielle Orner
November 5 2014

Do You Ever Drive A Car? Read This (But Not Behind The Wheel)

For a semester in high school, my brother and I were allowed to catch a ride with the cheerleader who lived next door. She had super curly red hair...

Danielle Orner
July 9 2014

Watch This Inspirational Video About How We Can All Dream Bigger

Diagnosed with bone cancer at age 15, I spent a decade in and out of the hospital. The doctors told me I'd need lung surgery every two years for the...

Danielle Orner
April 9 2014

When Did You Stop Loving Your Body?

When I was five, I changed my outfit at least three times a day. One winter day, I decided I wanted to wear a sun dress. My mom told me to go put on...

Danielle Orner
February 21 2014

5 Things You Should Never Say To Vegans

I glance at my phone to see yet another text from my friend asking about my diet. This time it's a question about how to juice. Multiple emotions...

Danielle Orner
February 2 2014

Why It's Always Brave To Ask For Help

I heard the unmistakable clatter of crutches falling down the steps. Halfway through rinsing out coffee cups, I froze and listened. The images of...

Danielle Orner
January 27 2014

How To Keep Social Media From Ruining Your Life

“I'm sick of talking about me, me, me all the time,” my fellow yoga teacher and writer gazed down at the latte she was fitfully stirring.

Danielle Orner
January 16 2014

​Cook Like Your Life Depends On It!

We didn't realize the pineapples had gone missing until Christmas morning. I had planned on making an upside-down cake for dessert. The entire holiday...

Danielle Orner
September 13 2013

What I Wish I'd Said To The Woman Who Was Judging Me

There are so many things I want to tell the woman behind us in line at the coffee shop. Her lips are twisted in a disgusted frown and her stare is so...

Danielle Orner
September 6 2013

You Find Peace When You Stop Running From Your Calling

I live in West LA, so I don't feel weird about dropping terms like “my calling” into ordinary conversations. Here, people discuss what The Universe...

Danielle Orner
August 9 2013

That Awkward Moment When I Tell People I'm Vegan

I never realized how much people bond over bacon. Back in the day, bacon was a breakfast food that went with your eggs.

Danielle Orner
July 30 2013

Do You Worship The It Girl?

In the fifth grade, it was Christy. And everyone knew it. With blond hair, a boyfriend, and a magic wardrobe that never seemed to require her to wear...

Danielle Orner
January 18 2013

Are You Making Space for the Sacred?

I've never made an altar before. Many of my creative and spiritual friends design corners of their homes to inspire them. I like seeing their...

Danielle Orner
December 8 2012

Why I'm Terrified of Money

I am terrified of money. If at all possible, I try to ignore its existence. I literally avert my eyes as the cashier hands me my receipt.

Danielle Orner
November 13 2012

Caring Too Much About What People Think

This modern world makes sure we never lack want. Whatever you may have, there is an advertisement waiting to tell you that you don't have enough....

Danielle Orner
November 7 2012

10 Steps to Magical Parenting

Be careful how you treat your children; one of them may grow up to be a writer. Every time my mom talks to me, she ends her statements with “this is...

Danielle Orner
October 26 2012

Do You Think You're Dateable?

I've never really dated. While my peers were accumulating the skills necessary to navigate single adulthood, I was in a committed relationship to my...

Danielle Orner
October 16 2012