Danielle DuBoise

Danielle DuBoise

Co-Founder Of Sakara Life

Danielle is a New York City-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Sakara Life, an organic, plant-based meal delivery program that sources fresh, local ingredients to provide optimized nutrition for busy urbanites.

Hailing from the spiritual mecca that is Sedona, Arizona, Danielle came to New York City as a chemistry collegiate. Supporting herself through school as an actress and model, she found herself caught in the throes of a dysfunctional relationship with food and dissatisfied with her own body. A search for a life change, a more soulful connection with food and a desire for continued education in the health sciences led her to study at the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). After graduating from the program and successfully transforming her own relationships to her body and food, Danielle combined her personal experience with her nutrition expertise, to create a meal program that has helped thousands of individuals change their lives through the healing powers of food. Together with her partner Whitney Tingle, Danielle has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Oprah's Super Soul 100, the New York Times, and on the Today Show.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

It's about feeling good. Really, really good. That means you have to take care of yourself most of the time, not just for a quick cleanse or detox. What you do the majority of the time is what will define how good you feel. On the other hand, once you feel really good, I don't believe you have to stick to strict rules or "no" lists. I'm the first to order a martini or grab a French fry, but only because I know I take care of myself and and know what to eat and how to get there. It took me a long time to understand that my best self has to start with how I feel, not what I look like. And now it's my mission to help other people feel really good in their bodies!

What brought you into wellness?

I found wellness through my experience growing up in Sedona, and being surrounded by interesting ways of thinking. There were raw foodists, Yogis and even people that ate sunshine! It helped me understand that just because bad food is easy to find and lots of people eat it, that it's not necessarily what's best. I also learned the hard way through years of dieting and struggling with my body image, that my best looking body comes from a healthy body, and a healthy body comes from a healthy relationship to food. I struggled for years to find my best body by turning to calorie counting, diets, low carb stints and over exercising. It wasn't until a diet made me very ill, that I finally decided it was time to heal and get back to food as medicine. I studied biochemistry and nutrition, and after transforming my own relationship to my plate and body through eating Sakara, I made it my mission to share this knowledge with others.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

We must be in this together. We must talk about our hardships as easily as our best times. We must exemplify what we preach and help those around us find their path by helping to light the way.