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Dan O'Grady

Easy Foam-Roller Stretches To Ease Neck And Shoulder Pain

Swimming is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for your body. It improves core strength and is one of the safest ways to maintain your...

Dan O'Grady
May 24 2016

5 Foam Roller Exercises For Better Sleep Tonight

Add these foam roller moves to your bedtime ritual.

Dan O'Grady
March 1 2016

Sit All Day? 5 Exercises To Balance Your Body

We all know the effects that prolonged sitting can have on our bodies. Some studies suggest that extended periods of inactivity can be even more...

Dan O'Grady
September 8 2015

5 Foam Roller Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

You may think of your foam roller as just a tool to help soothe your achey muscles, but it's actually a great piece of equipment to add to your core...

Dan O'Grady
July 11 2015

5 Ways You Could Be Using Your Foam Roller All Wrong

Using a foam roller can be a valuable way to improve your flexibility, athletic recovery and relaxation. (Want to know how to use a foam roller? Start...

Dan O'Grady
June 16 2015