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Cori Martinez

The Real Reasons You’ve Been Having the SAME Argument Over & Over

Ever find yourself repeatedly having the same argument with your spouse/partner/boss/child/friend? Well, unfortunately, it means you're stuck.

Cori Martinez
February 26 2015

3 Ways To Bring Unconditional Love Into Your Life

This article is for those willing to admit (even if only to themselves) that they want the love and approval of people in their lives.

Cori Martinez
December 25 2013

I'm A Yogi (Sometimes I Feel Like A Fraud)

I once read in Deborah Adele’s book, Yama and Niyama, that she had a friend who said her greatest fear was ending up in a room with everyone she knew...

Cori Martinez
April 12 2013

Calm Your Nerves And Improve Your Health in 5 Minutes

For some people, breathing deeply for five whole minutes may feel like a waste of time.

Cori Martinez
February 11 2013

How to Get The Most Out of Cobra Pose

In 15 years of teaching yoga, I've rarely seen a person do cobra pose in a way that provides the highly-touted benefits of a backbend. In my teacher...

Cori Martinez
October 6 2012

Are You Enlightened Enough to Be a Yoga Teacher?

To those of you thinking of pursuing a yoga teacher training/advanced studies course but aren’t sure if you’re advanced enough, enlightened enough,...

Cori Martinez
June 28 2012

Lies You Fall For Every Single Day

Most of what upsets us in life is our own mind arguing with reality.

Cori Martinez
May 29 2012

One Good Reason to Cheat in Yoga

I had fallen in love with yoga. This was fifteen years ago and at that time I loved the heat, the sweat…and the teacher saying my name.

Cori Martinez
May 8 2012

A Secret Every New Yoga Student Should Know

The other day my six-year-old daughter was preparing for her first piano lesson. She shuffled toward me with her head down. “Mommy, I’m kind of...

Cori Martinez
May 3 2012