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Colleen Rose

Feeling Depressed And Unbalanced? Try A Sleeping Ritual

Living in the Midwest at this time of the year I hear family, friends and students tell me that they feel sluggish, lethargic, a little depressed and...

Colleen Rose
April 23 2013

Everything You Need To Know If You're About To Try Yoga

So today is the day that you decided, for the first time ever, to show up at your local yoga studio and “get some.” I remember, years before I even...

Colleen Rose
February 2 2013

What I Learned When I Stopped Trying to Control Everything

I am almost 46 years old and have been teaching yoga for more than ten years. I started practicing yoga before the Internet was invented. Even before...

Colleen Rose
October 17 2012

A Simple Tip to Help Your Meditation

It's only October, but I already find myself craving a quiet space away from the “new normal” which has taken over my household now that school has...

Colleen Rose
October 7 2012

Asparagus, You Sexy Thing

I love me some asparagus. All summer long you will find it roasting on my grill. I even served it at my wedding more than 20 years ago. Recently I...

Colleen Rose
August 16 2012

People Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout My Best Friend

Do you have a Best Friend? One you turn to if you feel like laughing and/or crying. One who you have everything in common with? One who likes exactly...

Colleen Rose
July 4 2012

Put Your Attention On Your Intention

This past Spring I was excited to hear that the Dali Lama was coming to the Chicagoland area to lecture on non-violence. With all the bullying going...

Colleen Rose
June 22 2012

4 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Speak

I grew up in a loud, south side Chicago Irish family. We spoke when and what we thought. Not much filter, just ”Hey! Here it is! Pick it up or leave...

Colleen Rose
June 17 2012

Go With the Flow and Let Your Curls Fly

Some kid I knew in junior high thought it would be fun to start “tagging” me in my junior high yearbook photos. Great! Thanks dude! There I was in my...

Colleen Rose
June 9 2012

Mushroom Man to the Rescue!

I just returned from my first farmer’s market of the season! I get so excited and some times even overwhelmed by all the people, colors and...

Colleen Rose
May 31 2012