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Chris Freytag

6 Ways To Raise Kids With Healthy Habits

As much as we might like to, we can’t protect our kids from every bump or scrape or bruised ego. Boo-boos happen. Feelings get hurt. We can’t avoid...

Chris Freytag
August 4 2014

Are You Being True To Your Goals? Do This To Find Out

It’s June. Can you believe it? When this year began, you probably set some goals for yourself and formed a picture of how you wanted this year to...

Chris Freytag
June 11 2014

5 Signs You Or Someone You Know Is Too Competitive

Competition doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can compete against yourself and be better than you were yesterday. You can use competition as a...

Chris Freytag
May 18 2014

15 Fun Ways To Sneak Extra Movement Into Your Day

Say you go to a group fitness class, do an exercise DVD, or go for a run early in the day. Your exercise for the day is finished. Terrific! Now you...

Chris Freytag
April 24 2014

4 Tips To Spring Clean Your Mind & Boost Your Mood

It's spring. What comes to mind? Springing into fitness? Spring cleaning? Here's something new to try for spring. How about a little spring cleaning...

Chris Freytag
March 27 2014

8 Ways To Give Your Workout A Spring Makeover

Ready to say goodbye to winter doldrums and hello to spring? As the snow begins to melt, the sun begins to shine and flowers begin to bloom, it's time...

Chris Freytag
March 15 2014

16 Ways To Avoid Sitting So Much During The Day

OK, you already know you should exercise most days of the week, but did you know that you need to sit less too? Yep! An hour of exercise doesn't buy...

Chris Freytag
March 5 2014

6 Mantras To Inspire You When The Going Gets Tough

As a group fitness instructor, I have lots of power phrases I use to fire up the motivation and effort in my fitness classes, and on my exercise DVDs....

Chris Freytag
February 28 2014

6 Ways To Create Your Own Happiness

Your happiness is your responsibility. That may sound a little like tough love, but it's actually just a reminder to you that your happiness is within...

Chris Freytag
February 17 2014

Use The 80/20 Rule To Improve Your Life! Here's How

Ever think that living a healthy lifestyle is out of your grasp because your sweet tooth keeps overpowering your good intentions? Maybe your battle is...

Chris Freytag
December 27 2013

7 Tips To Start 2014 On A Fabulously Positive Note

Decide now to make the new year ahead positive by making little changes in how you think. Get ready to welcome your most awesome year yet.

Chris Freytag
December 19 2013

Want To Lose Weight? Here's Some Tough Love To Get You Started

I hear from many women who tell me how hard it is for them to lose weight. Some lose weight only to gain it back, while others are stuck at a weight...

Chris Freytag
November 19 2013

7 Ways To Stress Less + Feel Great About Your Life

I recently asked my fitness community: What stresses you out?

Chris Freytag
September 28 2013

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Stretching .... But Should!

Maybe you view stretching as a nice thing to do if you still have some time after your workout is finished, but stretching is actually an essential...

Chris Freytag
September 23 2013

Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day If You Want To Be Healthier

Profound success is the result of small, smart choices completed consistently over time—and it applies to every area of your life, whether it’s your...

Chris Freytag
September 14 2013

Tough Love: You Should Start Your Day With A Workout

While the most important thing is to exercise regularly—anytime—there are some compelling reasons to get your workout in early in the day—even if...

Chris Freytag
June 17 2013

9 Tips To Lose Weight No Matter How Busy You Are

I hear it all the time: "I don't have enough time to exercise." Or people will tell me they will get back to their fitness goals someday when they...

Chris Freytag
June 3 2013

Stop Doing These 7 Things If You Want To Get Healthy

Sometimes getting healthier isn’t about the choices you're making, it’s about the choices you should stop making. To live your best, healthiest life,...

Chris Freytag
May 28 2013

9 Small Changes To Help Beat Sluggishness And Boost Energy

You can have more productive and enjoyable days by following these tips.

Chris Freytag
March 31 2013

TV Isn't My Enemy, And It Doesn’t Have To Be Yours

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the fact that I love TV.

Chris Freytag
January 16 2013