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Cathy Geier

If Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff, Would You? YES!

As a teenager I remember my mother saying, "If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?"At the time, the comment was to deter me from doing...

Cathy Geier
December 16 2012

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training

You're ready! You love what you've gained from your yoga and you're convinced you want that training and want to move ahead. Marvelous!...

Cathy Geier
December 12 2012

11 Encouraging Things to Say to Discouraged Yogis

I love practicing yoga. I love learning about yoga. I must admit, however, that sometimes I get into a discouraged slump with my practice. Whether...

Cathy Geier
July 4 2012

12 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Aging Athletes

As an aging athlete, whose glory days as a front line dancer and fast runner are in the past for now, I find myself deeply in yoga. Looking up, I have...

Cathy Geier
June 22 2012

So You've Faced Your Fears... Now What?

Face your fear. Feel your fear. Conquer your fear. Boom, well there you go! Sometimes I wish it were so easy in real life. Yet in a way it is,...

Cathy Geier
May 16 2012

Who Has Power Over You?

Have you ever been there, living in the moment at the end of a work day reading and replying to emails and BAM, you just received a new email that...

Cathy Geier
May 4 2012

10 Techniques to Conquer Fears of New Things

Life is full of opportunities and new things to try. Many of us march along in our lives and try one or two things as we have time or feel so...

Cathy Geier
April 24 2012